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Next-Gen Personal Finance – A Free High School Financial Education Curriculum

If you’re planning to teach personal finance in a high school, you may want to try using Next Gen Personal Finance. This program’s mission is to revolutionize how personal finance is taught throughout the high school system. Its free teacher resources are an excellent fit for math classes and students from underrepresented backgrounds. Teachers can select a lesson that’s right for their students or add additional activities to deepen their understanding of various financial topics.

NGPF’s mission is to revolutionize the teaching of personal finance in all high schools

NGPF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the financial lives of all high school students. Its free curriculum and teacher professional development courses have reached more than two million students. NGPF also offers teacher professional development workshops and resources. More than 43,000 teachers have used NGPF’s curriculum and materials to teach personal finance in their classrooms.

To help all high schools teach personal finance, NGPF is providing grants to support financial literacy courses in public schools. They will provide $1 million in grants to high schools launching a new course. As part of its mission to improve the financial lives of the next generation, NGPF has developed a ready-to-use curriculum and online interactives.

To increase the number of high schools that offer a personal finance course, NGPF is offering grants to incentivize teachers to create these courses. They are offering grants ranging from $2,500 to $30,000. The deadline for receiving these grants is August 31, 2022. Those who receive grants must commit to teaching a personal finance course for at least a semester before graduation.

Next-Gen Personal Finance is a nonprofit organization that offers free financial literacy curriculums to teachers. The organization also runs teacher training programs, advocates for better financial literacy, and inspires state and national policymaking. By teaching kids how to handle money, NGPF’s mission is to help all high schools succeed financially. These programs are based on the principles of financial literacy and the principles of responsible investing.

It offers a variety of resources for teachers

Next-Gen Personal Finance is a free high school financial education curriculum. Designed by professional educators, this curriculum features customizable lessons and engaging activities that help teachers deliver the vital message of money. In addition to its curriculum, Next Gen Personal Finance offers professional development for teachers. Teachers can use the Next Gen Personal Finance website to find lesson plans and supplementary materials to use in their classroom. Teachers can also download and customize the Next Gen videos for their students.

While Next Gen Personal Finance is not a textbook or core curriculum, it covers most of the essential topics for a high school course. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, it offers resources for both classroom teachers. Designed to teach students personal finance history, it includes a core curriculum and supplemental material for various course lengths. It’s also free, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious teachers.

Next-Gen provides professional development opportunities for teachers and updated blogs. The curriculum is aligned with Oklahoma financial literacy standards and can be easily adapted for Maine. The website offers lesson plans, videos, interactive tools, and even a Maine income tax calculator. Teachers can customize lessons to meet the needs of their students, and the NextGen website provides teacher resources and professional development for educators in Maine.

It’s a good fit for math classes

The NextGenPersonal Finance website contains many resources for teachers. It’s easy to navigate, offers decent search options, and includes lesson plans, activities, and quizzes on various personal finance topics. Each lesson includes a downloadable Unit Plan document and all of the supporting resources needed to teach the material. The website also offers assessment docs to ensure that students have the skills needed to understand the material.

Next-Gen Personal Finance materials cover roughly half of a semester-long course. Although it’s not the best choice for a full-blown college class, middle school students can benefit from the resources. They cover essential topics, offer supplemental material, and are free. And best of all, the materials are free! In addition to being free, they are an excellent option for teachers on a budget.

The content is also free, but there are some caveats. To access most of the content, teachers must create a teacher account, which may be a roadblock for some. Furthermore, they must provide certain information which may tie them up with the nonprofit. So, if you’re looking for a no-strings resource, NGPF might not be for you.

Personal finance can ignite student engagement in mathematics. One math teacher recently drove from California to attend the Next Generation Personal Finance FinCamp in Reno, NV. Tim Ranzetta, the founder of Next Gen Personal Finance, had seen students dive into the math of money and decided to bring personal finance to the same level as algebra and calculus. The Next Generation Personal Finance Foundation is a fantastic example of this.

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